The Historical Civil Aircraft Registers of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and selected Pacific Islands

This historical register is the result of 40 years of research into the Australian civil aircraft register by Tony Arbon and is for the use of serious aviation researchers as well as those with a casual interest in Australian aircraft. The complete work is copyright and whilst small amounts of data can be used for serious research, with credit to Tony Arbon or AustAirData, downloading large amounts of data or the complete data base will leave you liable to prosecution under copyright laws. Similarly all photographs on this web site are protected by the copyright of the web master or photographer credited.

Whilst most of the information has come from official CASA sources several people have assisted with additional information including John Streeter, Ian Burnett, Dave Sparrow (Deceased), Nigel Daw, Paul Daw (Deceased), Jeremy Day, Ian McDonell, Guy Kendell, Noel Oxlade, Gordon Reid, Geoff Goodall, Phil Yeadon, Graham Slack, Dave Eyre (Deceased - NSW), David Eyre (WA) and Bob Kerr (Deceased).

Additions, corrections and/or comments are always welcome and can be made via the contact page.

Abbreviations ;

Cr                Crashed

Dam            Damaged

Dest            Destroyed

Ntu              Not taken up

Rest            Restored to register

Wfu            Withdrawn from use

All dates are in the ddmmyy format.

Regional Prefixes: 

  • Australia (VH- and G-AU)

  • Australian Gyros (G [Four digits, no hyphen])

  • Australian Trikes (T1- and T2-)

  • Australian Ultralights (10-, 19-, 23-, 24-, 25-, 28-, 32-, 55-)

  • Cook Islands (E5-)

  • Fiji (DQ- and VQ-)

  • Kiribati (T3-)

  • Marshall Islands (MI- and V7-)

  • New Zealand (ZK-)

  • Nauru (C2-)

  • Palau (T8A-)

  • Papua New Guinea (P2-)

  • Solomon Islands (H4- and VP-)

  • Samoa (5W-)

  • Tonga (A3-)

  • Vanuatu (YJ-)

  • Tuvalu (T2-)

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